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SafeShare allows you to send and/or request private information in a highly secure way, it helps ... More

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Published 14 Aug 2018

The normal reaction when a work colleague emails you with a request for a lost password, sensitive material or private information is to say yes and to email them the relevant details straight away, isn't it? Does it achieve its purpose? Yes, it certainly does. Is it safe from the prying eyes of others, though? Not in a month of Sundays, as my old mum would say. For a start, emails, texts and instant messages could be left open by the recipient allowing a third party to read them. However, just as dangerous is the fact that your private information could be stored on any number of insecure servers after sending and could be viewed by anyone with access to them.

SafeShare is a new enterprise level business app that makes it easy to send and/or request private information in a totally secure way. No longer will you have to share private information using insecure channels like support tickets, emails, text or via instant messaging. This web app keeps all your private information totally secure and only available to the people who have the right password. In fact, the encryption is so tight that absolutely no one else will have access to your private content and data - not even the developers.

With the SafeShare app you can send data and you will be notified when it is read or shredded. You can also request information and share snippets of code and get notified when it is made available...