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Keep your private passwords and security info completely private

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Published 14 Aug 2018

[cont'd] to you. You can create code snippets in any programming language including syntax highlighting. This app will help you make the information available for the right amount of time - predetermined by you - and it will only be accessible to the right people with the right password. Then the information can be shredded right after it has been passed on. At any given time, all the private content is stored safely under encryption with only the people with the password being able to decrypt it. 

Once a note has been shredded, its sensitive contents are erased completely.
This is perfect for sending sensitive information such as passwords or personal information over email or message without exposing your information in clear text or having to worry that private email has been deleted. When you create a note, you enter the content which is encrypted based on the password you enter and only people having the password will be able to read it. Each recipient of the note will be notified via email and will receive a unique URL to enable then to read it. Once read, it will be shredded and you will be notified.

You can even run SafeShare as a SAAS business and earn money from it. The app offers all the tools you need - customer management, payment gateways, price plans, orders, invoices, credit notes, subscription management, tax handling, currency handling, etc. Just set your price points and advertise it to your customers. The price for the...