Developer description

Increase your productivity with Saga Dashboard.

Chrome's New Tab is boring! Replace it with a personalized dashboard that synchronizes across all your browser's with Saga Dashboard.

Saga Dashboard is an easy to use & easy to learn. It's highly customizable and available in multiple languages.

Saga dashboard is built using VueJs and Firebase realtime database so any changes you make will be updated almost instantly across every screen signed in with your account, regardless of where in the world that are.

Each dashboard has multiple widget areas. Simply click on the widget icon to choose a widget for that area.

Most widgets have editable settings. Click on a widget to open the setting for that widget.

To remove a widget all you have to do is hover over it for 2 seconds and a "Remove widget name" link will appear below it.

We're adding more widgets all the time. Currently we have a list of 63 widgets we would like to add including more focused data such as Jira, GitHub, bitbucket and

Last updated 12 Aug 2020

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