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Ah-ha, me hearties. A challenging game where you must sail your ship through hazardous waters

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Published 20 Feb 2019

[cont'd] the way without running aground.

If any of you have ever tried to row a dinghy for the first time you will know how difficult it is to keep going in the right direction and avoid getting blown off course and running into things. Imagine navigating a ship. As you move through the narrow water passages you can collect coins (pieces of eight?) which will unlock new and better ships and collect golden stars to become the best on the leaderboard.

You must drag your ship right or left to avoid the many obstacles along the way. However, you've got to make sure that you don't run aground as you move along. You'll find that you have to take some serious risks in order to collect your coins and stars along the way. They are mostly situated pretty close to the danger areas.

Sailor King will test your skills and reflexes in this thrilling adventure game. It carries a rating of 4+ but you could find the littlies getting a little frustrated if they keep crashing the ship. The worlds that you'll travel through are very bright and colorful and your hands will need to be steadier than ever to be successful - much like Buzz Wire was for me when I was a kid. The terrains range from lush rainforests to icy tundras with everything from sea creatures, islands and the odd tree to navigate past in order to get to the other end...