Developer description blends together the worlds of crypto and gaming, all in one app. We’re a blockchain startup focused on powering blockchain and crypto through a decentralized infrastructure fueled by PC gamers. The Salad app streamlines the crypto mining experience and has no need for the normal hassles involved with crypto mining like crypto-wallets or intricate PC configurations. Instead, the app is purposely designed so that even the most crypto-novices can use it.

Through Salad, gamers across the globe can utilize their PC’s full computing power to earn monetary (and non-monetary) rewards at just the push of a button. In the past year alone, our user base has grown from just under 500 to over 145,000 and continues to show steady growth to this day.

Salad aims to be the easiest, most trusted way to monetize your PC’s idle resources.

Last updated 17 Sep 2020

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