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Tired of switching between several apps to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Separate apps for contacts, calendar, managing important reminders, taking notes, expenses and tracking To Do's. Well so were we!

Sales Assailant is a sales management app for sales professionals created by sales professionals, and is a refreshing alternative to corporate owned CRM. Sales Assailant is an amazing sales management app. Sales Assailant enables you to "own your data" and keep the important intellectual capital you worked hard to build should you move on.

App Features:

-> Works like an excellent organizer and helps in contact management
-> Helps in data backup and recovery
-> The app is quick, spontaneous, and robust
-> Remind yourself of anniversaries, birthday's renewals, and other critical dates that a polished sales person never forgets
-> Take notes or create actions on an individual contact and manage by individual or leverage the aggregation capability to get a customer wide overview of actions, notes and to do's
-> Eliminate duplicate data entry - leverage calendar entries and add a few pieces of info like mileage and cost for a lunch appointment and it shows up in the Sales Assailant expense tool
-> Create favorite trips (i.e. drive to airport) and recall it for further elimination of redundancy
-> Prioritize your To Do's correctly and you have a one stop shopping list of the tasks you need to complete and the order of importance in which to complete them by

How does it function?

1.The app brings contacts from your iPad contact list and further organizes it according to your individual and company contacts.

2.The app can ensure quick recovery and restoration of any data that is lost, as the iCloud backup saves all important details and information related to sales task.

3.In case one of your best customers has a birthday pending, an anniversary or any important date that you need to remember,Sales Assailant let's you manage all of those dates, at the contact level.

4.Calendar entries can easily be transformed into an expense entry leveraging all the robust details your already have.

5.Take notes in a meeting and they are attached right there in your contact. No switching between apps to organize what you do on a daily basis. With Sales Assailant its all at your fingertips.

6. The modular tab based design of Sales Assailant makes it ideal for expansion.

How does the app help Sales Professionals?

Version 1 of Sales Assailant app has its own qualities. The launch of this version has an exciting platform attached to it. It helps sales professionals in the following way:
-> It helps unorganized sales professionals to organize their own data.
-> It helps in saving and organizing important contact details.
-> It organizes details by company and by individual details separately.
-> The app has special map features set in it. This map helps sales professionals to find their directions in case they are lost.
-> The calendar feature works at its best as it stores important dates, and helps sales professionals to remember everything so that they don’t miss out on anything- be it personal or professional.
-> The app works like an expense tool. You can now keep a track of all your daily expenses by saving your expenses on this app.
-> You can create a fresh to-do list every day in the morning. This list can help you to remember all sales task that you need to complete throughout the day.
-> You can also change setting and details every now and then on this app.

Download Sales Assailant to instantly be in control of your sales and customer relationships. :

Last updated 23 Feb 2014

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