Developer description

* Sales Call Manager is the best way to keep take care of all your daily clients follow-ups. With the help of Sales Call Manager you can manage your clients communication very efficiently and with out any delayed on follow-up.
* Sales Call Application helps you never forget calls, follow-ups anytime or call too late, it reminds your calls in your busy schedule.
* Every Clients Follow-up is just one touch away with Sales Call Manager.
* Sales Call Manager app reminds you to call scheduled appointments. Hence, will never disgrace yourself again in front of business partners, clients.
* Import all your phone address book
* Also Add as many new contacts you want
* Manage all your Follow-ups on daily,weekly, monthly basis
Manage all your follow-ups on Priority Basis
* Edit/Delete Follow-up as per requirement
* Advance reporting functionality which allows you to summaries the calls you made.
* Get Client Statistics Report
* Get Call reports on daily, weekly, monthly basis as well as Custom Report
* Get individual call Duration Report daily basis by individual clients
* In-Built Direct Call option from Follow-up only. No need to go for phone dialer
* In-Built How to Use Application Help This Sales Call Application is ideally suitable for sales representatives or managers or top level management who is having busy schedules.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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