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Published 24 Oct 2011

The idea behind this app is simple enough and it should give business owners the opportunity to cash in on sales leads even if they can’t actually fulfil the need. How many times have you had to end a phone conversation with a prospective customer with the words "I’m sorry I can’t help you there"?

With SaleSpread you can now pass these opportunities on to a lead exchange and if they subsequently get converted by another member you’ll be in line for a financial reward.

Of course as a member you also get the chance to browse leads passed on by other businesses and purchase the right to contact prospects and hopefully close a sale.

The procedure is uncomplicated, if you can’t help a prospective customer just ask them if they have any objection to having their details passed on to SaleSpread. The site then checks the details and adds more if necessary before sending the basic information to members in the relevant category to decide if they want to purchase the lead.

The price of each lead will vary and is based on a number of criteria. Overall value is taken into consideration along with the likely length of any contract, industry type and likelihood of closing a deal.

As a member you won’t be given exclusive access. In order to bring a little competition into the equation four members can purchase the lead and will then get the contact details. It’s then all down to the individual sales...