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SampleSafe is a unique copyright service that safeguards the writers work plus checks for ... More

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Published 26 Jun 2012

A while back FeedMyApp reviewed an excellent free plagiarism checker called Plagtracker that was aimed specifically at the student. SampleSafe takes that concept one step further with this professional checker that also doubles as a copyright service to protect your written work against some of the bill dodgers out there. It is designed for the professional writer to register and check for any plagiaristic tendencies before it is released onto the world.
SampleSafe was  developed for writers who regularly send work to clients on the Internet. People like poets, creative writers, content writers and bloggers can benefit by registering all their work with a third party. This unique copyright service safeguards the writer's work as well as checking for plagiarism - and does it in one affordable package. What's more, by registering your articles as unique with SampleSafe, bad payers are automatically prevented from using your work and your registered articles are protected and will show up as duplicate content if a client attempts to use them without first paying!  Protecting your work is important. By registering articles and work with SampleSafe, you're protecting it. The database features a comprehensive listing of writers and their work. Not only is your work registered in the database but it has been checked for plagiarism too.
So the big difference between Plagtracker and SampleSafe is not just the fact that the former is a free application. SampleSafe not only checks your work for plagiarism but also tracks it through the system to make sure you get paid your due reward when it does get republished. It also bars bad payers from using it until they cough up some they say in the trade. At 25c per page you've got to consider it a reasonably good investment to save the integrity of your work.

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