Developer description

Inspired by Eisenhower’s matrix, Sandglaz reinvents prioritization to make it simple and more productive. With Sandglaz, you can pinpoint your priorities without losing your long term vision. It introduces a unique prioritization technique that allows you to deal with the truly urgent while working towards your goals.
Sandglaz is a simple yet powerful todo list web app. It is designed to be as easy to use as jotting down your thought in a text editor. No add, delete and reorder buttons and forms, just point the mouse and type freestyle. Yet it has all the features you need from collaboration to email reminders, and from intuitive prioritization to an intuitive mobile web app.
Key features:
1. Reinvents the way prioritization works to make it simple and productive. Stars, exclamation marks and highlighters are so last century, just drag and drop to change priorities.
2. Collaborative: share your tasks with anyone, anywhere. You can assign people different roles.
3. Set due dates and get email reminders.
4. Intuitive Mobile web app.
5. Categorize your tasks into multiple projects (grids).
6. Incredibly easy to use. just type freestyle and your data will be saved to the cloud so you can access it from anywhere
With sharing capabilities and multiple grid creation as well as labeling, Sandglaz is a one stop for all: home to-do’s, working in a team or planning your next trip with friends. With its incredibly easy to use interface, you’ll want to use it for everything.

Last updated 26 May 2011

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