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Published 17 Sep 2015

Email has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the years. When the email revolution really took hold in the '90s, people initially held it in suspicion. The advent of email spamming over the following years just seemed to compound that fear. To the point that people were reluctant to even hand out their email addresses for fear of being inundated with viruses and unwanted advertising. Thankfully, things have moved on since then and email is now a viable alternative to regular post for getting information out there to individuals or organizations. Now we receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of emails every week containing everything from our regular monthly bills and advertising newsletters as well as our private and confidential information not to mention a hell of a lot of unimportant and unwanted stuff. Some are very important and need to be dealt with immediately and some, not so much.

Opening ones emails every morning can unleash a minefield of information that needs to be dealt with. What we really need to sort the important from the rest is a damned good way set of management tools that will automatically filter out the ones that aren't so important so that we can concentrate on the ones that need immediate attention. SaneBox is a smart email management app that integrates with your regular email account and effectively filters all your incoming emails. Basically, it sorts them automatically into important, not so important and junk.

SaneBox is a software as a service (SaaS) app that integrates with IMAP and Exchange Web Services (EWS) email accounts to clean up your incoming emails. It offers a full suite of productivity features to help you clear the debris in your inbox and make opening ones emails first thing in the morning a much more palatable task. The app's primary function is to filter email messages that it deems as unimportant and put them in a folder for later processing. It sits alongside your regular email client and analyzes previous email usage to ascertain which of those incoming emails are the most important. Those messages remain in the inbox, while those deemed unimportant are filtered into a different folder for later reference.

The algorithms and filtering are primarily based on the email sender, the subject line and the timestamp and a second type of filtering deletes incoming emails from specific designated senders. Effectively, this serves as a one-click button that unsubscribes you from email lists without having to go to all the trouble of doing it yourself. Just drag an email into the 'SaneBlackHole' folder and it will go straight into the trash folder and you'll never hear from that sender again. There's also a very useful response-tracking feature that notifies you if a sent email has not been replied to in a certain timeframe, allowing you to follow up on it. Other features include the deferring of emails for later consideration and Dropbox integration that moves large email attachments into your Dropbox account and replaces them with a link. Finally, when you place an email into the 'Snooze' folder, this intuitive app will put it back into your inbox so you can look at it at a more convenient time. Similar attachment support is available for Box, EverNote, Google Drive and IBM SmartCloud.

SaneBox works on top of your email account and prevents you from drowning in unwanted or unimportant emails, giving you more time to deal with the important ones immediately. It analyzes your incoming mail and prioritizes the important ones while summarizing the rest. Its simple and flexible and there's nothing to download or install - or even learn, if it comes to that. Everything works automatically to make your working life more productive and much better organized. SaneBox is one of those apps that, once you've used it, you'll wonder how you coped with your email overload problem before you had it. SaneBox works with any email client, service or device - in fact, it works anywhere that you check your email. With plans available from US$7 and $36 per month and a 14-day free trial, it could be the most cost effective move you've made all year.

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