Developer description

Savology is a financial planning platform helping households improve their financial well-being and reach their goals by providing access to fast and free financial planning.

Signing up and getting started is free and only takes around five minutes. After successfully signing up, Savology users get access to:

1. A comprehensive financial plan that provides both a snapshot and a detailed breakdown of the major areas of their financial life, as well as recommendations.

2. A financial report card that grades their current financial standing across 10+ categories. Your financial report card will show you your financial strengths and weakness.

3. Financial planning modules and activities to complete that will help improve financial literacy and understanding.

4. Action items, which are personalized recommendations and next steps based on individual goals and areas of improvement. These action items will show users the exact next steps they need to be taking to improve their finances and reach their goals.

5. Savology Stars that are used as incentives to reward users for taking action for completing action items, modules, activities, and other steps that help users make progress with their plan.

Last updated 10 Aug 2020