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Published 2 Jun 2013

It's often our initial vocal reaction to something that represents our true feelings about life. As soon as we pick up a pen and paper and take some time to think about what we have just seen, our opinions are changed by our lives and our other life experiences. So how about if you could create an application that is based on those vocal reactions. SayRoom is an iOS application that is such a place. It's a place where you can listen to the vocal reactions of fellow users on anything from cool photos to interesting places.
SayRoom is an intuitive audio cloud application that captures your raw emotional reactions while viewing media from various sources. This platform allows users to actually voice their reactions to various stimuli like images, locations and other media content from social networks. The concept of the app is all centered around the experience of seeing a picture and reacting to it naturally. SayRoom captures that reaction and processes it in the system giving you feeds that are filled with reactions from fellow users who you follow. Every message that users post is analyzed for what they call 'sentiments.' SayRoom focuses on understanding how the feel of the voice messages. Finally, they introduce a concept known as audio hashtags that they have created. This is based on the idea that hashtags are far more entertaining when heard rather than read.
SayRoom has come up with something quite interesting here. The idea behind this iOS application is to bring out the parts of our personalities that can be lost because our emotions aren't normally efficiently captured. It uses our initial vocal response to gain valuable data. It pegs together the emotions when you view specific content and ties those emotions in a very intuitive way. It searches for the 'something's that connect those emotions. Complicated, you think? Confused maybe. In actual fact, it's probably the most honest way to say something about your stuff.

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