Developer description

scAIRed is a wonderful iPhone puzzle game with living balloons. They are lost, scared and need help. The action takes place in the dark ventilation system of a tall office building. The vent is filled with many dangerous obstacles - fans, glue, ghosts and many others. scAIRed combines elements of strategy and handling dynamic events in a mysterious world. In its 80 levels you need a lot of tricks to succeed!

The goal of the player is to guide the balloons out of the dark ventilation and out into the open again. There are nine balloon characters to chose from, with each having a different voice and personality.

The game is a lot of fun, but it also features difficult maze to solve, in order to free the balloon. The gameplay is primarily based on physics, but also includes other elements, such as vision and controlled steered flying.

Have Fun!

Last updated 17 Apr 2016