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Keep your e-business cards in the palm of your hand

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ScanPro LinkCard App if a free e-business cards and QR codes reader. The App offers a new mean ... More

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Published 22 May 2018

Despite the protestations of printing companies, the paper business card phenomenon is coming to the end of its tenure. That's why organisations like Vistaprint are moving into other areas of commerce like banners, office supplies and work clothing. The fact is, like everything else these days, business cards are going online. Ahh but, you say...that's all very well but how does one collect and manage them. A good question. Well, as usual, it takes a bit of time for the world to catch up with new online concepts but here we have a new app that addresses the collection of  e-business cards head on.

The ScanPro LinkCard App is a free e-business card collector and QR code reader that makes collecting and managing contact details extremely easy. Once you've created an account you will be assigned a unique QR code which can be used to scan, collect, save and share contact details of interesting parties - including yourself - right there on your smartphone or in the cloud. Whilst your paper business card collection will more than likely be pinned to a notice board, filed in one of those neat little storage containers or lost on your desk, you can store an unlimited number of e-cards in the palm of your hand with ScanPro. 

The app doesn't just store the basic details normally found on a business card either. ScanPro allows you to save so much more with just a single flash on a QR code...