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Keep your e-business cards in the palm of your hand

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Published 22 May 2018

[cont'd] As well as the company name, contact person and company description it will give you phone numbers, email address, website and social media URLs as well as opening hours and a whole lot more. Rather than having an out of date paper card on your notice board, all of ScanPro's information is up-to-date with any updates changed on the LinkCard immediately transferred to your contact info in real time. What's more, all your scan history can be synchronised across all of your devices and can be accessed by logging in from any device wherever you are. 

ScanPro is a very flexible system with plenty of other features available to the user. You can collect cards from any visual support including the LinkCard App, your computer or TV screen - even from an advertisement poster" You can save your scan history from all Barcode / QR types including texts, emails, locations, wifi configurations, products, ISBNs and calendars as well as the LinkCard and, after decoding, you can add more details and actions to perform. This can include everyday actions like connecting to wifi, opening URL, sharing and texting etc. If you are decoding a product or a book you can easily display more details using google Search in your own territory.  

The ScanProLinkCard App is the easiest and most efficient way of collecting e-business cards using a QR Code and is one of the best ways to expand your business network to further your company's ambitions...