Developer description

Scattervox takes a popular "infographic" format, the four-quadrant scatter plot, and makes it interactive. When a user creates a poll, he asks visitors to rank various items on two axes. For example, I may ask voters to rank different cars in terms of cost and dependability. Or to think about how different baseball teams' payrolls relate to their success on the field. Interesting questions with complex answers: That's what Scattervox is all about.

Once you've created your poll, other users "vote" quickly and easily by clicking on it. As more users vote, Scattervox computes the average "position" of each of the items you asked them to rank and displays it for everyone to see. You can even copy and paste "widget code" for your question into your own web site or blog to display the results there. Quick, easy, and fun!

Last updated 20 May 2014