Developer description

Scavado helps recruiters find the best talent from all over the web quickly and easily so they can focus on people, not search strings.

Scavado is a next generation talent search engine connecting recruiters with the best talent from all over the web. The platform scours the Internet for the best talent on the web, looking deep into hidden talent pools to provide recruiters with the best options to reach those top candidates. Scavado does all the complicated search algorithms so recruiters can focus their energy on connecting with top talent, not learning complex search strings.

Scavado started as a recruiting services firm, but realized we needed a more efficient way to find specialized talent for our clients. Thus Scavado was born. The platform was built for recruiters by recruiters to cut through the clutter of modern recruiting, find top talent from multiple sources on the web, and make it easier to reach out and connect on a personal level.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015