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Sceneami is your online movie and tv-show library, shared with all your friends. Think of it as ... More

Editor's review

Published 30 Aug 2011

Do you feel left out of the loop when your friends are discussing their favorite movies and tv shows.? Are you the one in the office who thought True Blood was a medical documentary? Well now you can unleash your inner movie geek with Sceneami.This movie app is your own personal online movie and tv show library that you can share with your friends and colleagues.

Sceneami lets you keep in touch with what your friends are watching at the movies and on tv and you can share your own favorites with them too. Your top 10 favorites or the 10 worst, maybe? It's also a great little research tool. Whilst it's pretty easy to find out all the films or Dennis Hopper (which you can also do here, by the way) there are some fascinating and unusual ones too. Top 10 independent movie posters. Best remakes etc. You can create and share your own lists, too.


Probably the best thing about Sceneami, though, is getting movie recommendations from people whose opinion you trust - namely your friends who have similar taste to your own. You can even have discussions about how great your respective tastes are. 

It's good for the ego.while there are plenty of film apps out there this one could be a good addition for the list-obsessed movie watcher.