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Schedule is the easiest way to resource your team. We built this as an internal product because ... More

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Published 31 Mar 2012

The business management tool Schedule was developed because the alternatives, quite simply, weren't very good. They were too slow, too complicated and too expensive. Schedule is an ultra cost effective business tool that's free if you have less than five users. It's an easy, fast and communicative way to resource your team and assign everyone their role whilst keeping everyone in the loop on the bigger picture.
Schedule is the easiest way to resource your team. It was developed  as an internal business product because all the options our there failed to come up with the goods or were very expensive. Schedule is designed to be simple, fast, communicative and intuitive and features a lightweight interface with neat features to make the act of scheduling easy. It doesn't feature a plethora of features but concentrates on the one's you need.  It sends out email reminders to resources and managers detailing their tasks as well as sending complete schedule overviews to managers. There are a number of advanced features here to make you scheduling life easier and better organized but really, Schedule isnt built on rocket science, it just does it's job well.
Schedule realizes that setting up projects and resources for your staff can be quite a difficult thing to achieve and often gets overlooked. In the past one of the main reasons for that has been underwhelming software. Schedule was designed precisely for that reason with a simple, clear interface that does the job it has been set out to do. This makes it more likely to fit into the way your company does things. There are no long term contracts and, if you have over five users, you can use it on a month to month basis.

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