Developer description

Make your Tasks and Schedule Swipeable, Glanceable and Dealwithable. Reduce Cognitive Load and Become Limitless with Schedulist.

- Effortless. Just type to add tasks. Just swipe to complete and plan tasks.
- Add Anything. Intuitively add images, files and links.
- Notes and comments. With markdown and checklist support.
- Shared Lists. Invite family, friends and colleagues and get things done together.
- Schedule. Recurring tasks, deadlines and your calendars in one place.
- Meeting Notes. That automatically turns into follow up tasks.
- Get motivated. Achievements and Statistics as you progress
- Intuitive bulk actions. Schedule, complete and organise many tasks at a time

Reduce Overwhelm. In every design detail we strive to reduce overwhelm and simplify. Get more done - with less stress.

Last updated 2 Jun 2022

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