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FREE & ONLINE school report writing software that saves teachers lots of time and stops cut-and-paste mistakes. It automatically replaces student names, she/he, his/her etc when you pick-&-click from the statement bank. Saved statements can contain input boxes and drop-down lists to speed up entering achievement levels, project names etc.
LATEST TEACHER REVIEWS From TES (Times Educational Supplement)
"So grateful for this - took me a while to get the hang of it but the time investment was worth it. Thank you."
"The software is great, really excellent. I love it already!"
"Well worth investing the time to set this up with specific subject related comments. Has made the actual report writing process much faster! Really helpful spelling/grammar checker included. When I had a query, the online support was very useful and prompt. Thanks for this!"
First you save your comments into the statement bank using codes for name, her/his etc. E.g. #N has had an excellent term, I am very pleased with #h progress. (where #N is the code for name and #h is the code for her/his). Next you 'pick-and-click' statements for your reports.
Codes are automatically replaced e.g. Sophia has had an excellent term, I am very pleased with her progress.
To finish you can copy-&-paste reports into your school's system or another document. As you type, bad spelling is underlined, the Ooops! Detective spots other problems and the Code Helper shows you which '#' codes you can use.
It's very easy and very quick and your comments are stored in an online statement bank ready for your next visit, from home, from school, or wherever you are.

Last updated 6 Jul 2012