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"The dog ate my homework" just won't wash with Schoolrack

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Published 9 Dec 2011

[cont'd] and dad can log in and see if that homework really has been done before letting junior loose on the Xbox.

The issue of communication is streamlined to a great degree and the system will enable emails to be sent to multiple people based on the groups you create. There is also a discussion board feature giving students the opportunity to bounce ideas around when class is over, all moderated by teacher of course.

As an aid to education I like this one and there is only one grey area as far as I can see. The old "left my bag on the bus sir" scenario could I suppose be very quickly replaced with "my computer crashed sir!" With mom and dad only an email away though you’ll probably only hear it once.


As a teacher, setting one of these up is likely to make your life a lot easier and bring more organization to both your students and your own school day. The basic model is free and you can rest assured your site won’t come with a load of advertisements.