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Published 10 Jan 2014

[cont'd] also prepare a ‘Custom’ language lab for you, using your school’s colours and logo. 
There is little to choose between Schoolshape and traditional language labs except that this one gives you the convenience of it all being available on your browser with no installation or special hardware required. While it has everything you would expect from the best language labs, its best features are probably its simplicity of use and easy navigation. Schoolshape is one of those apps that appeals to students as well as tutors because of this simplicity. There are heaps of individual lessons designed for varying levels of ability and numerous user guides to help you if you do get stuck. You can be up and running in 5 minutes and pretty soon you'll be creating resources and setting tasks as well as organizing both staff and students.  Packed with excellent features, this language application - picked up by numerous prestigious language-teaching schools - looks to be a very worthy pick-up for both teachers and students.