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The universal online portal for science, advanced teaching and academic research. is a joint project between GmbH and Global Law Research. is a virtual conference room, lecture hall, laboratory, library, and meeting venue all in one. It offers new methods of scientific presentation, scientific discourse and academic knowledge transfer by using video streaming, audio streaming and text features.
The internet will undoubtedly be the primary medium for transferring scientific knowledge in the future. Up until now there have been substantial shortcomings in the creation and transfer of knowledge. These result from a significant separation of the different fields of science, a fundamental split between science and practice as well as substantial differences between countries in terms of their attitude toward science and the teaching of science. will attack and remove these barriers. Scientific theory and practice will be combined on a national, international and interdisciplinary level. will enable scientists, lecturers, academics, students and practitioners from all fields to present and share ideas and findings through video streaming, audio streaming and text documents. They can make use of classical community functions like chat, email, blog etc., they can install virtual rooms, assess contributions, make interesting contacts and much more besides.

Last updated 2 Dec 2011

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