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Developer description

Space Surfing dudu is a free racing game. Scifi DuDu : spaceship racing we also have this game on android and ios this is a link Link YouTube trailer of this game here: _ This game get idea from Nasa Scientist. In this game, user will choose one of many aircrafts to play. _ The tunnel way is polygon scifi type.
With Bright light,the tunnel will make user more attractive to play. It like a way from plane to another plane. _ On the way running to another plane, user need to be avoid all the obstacles. These obstacle are the box,garbage in universe. The obstacle will more difficult Proportionality with the time user play. _ In game, when user over the limit of distance, new craft will be unlocked. Many space ships to choose. Aircraft have a good graphics. _ User can challenge on leader board on android and ios.It will be updated day-by-day. _In game,Some craft will have another skill to make the user survive more.Such as: The jetpack will be help plane more faster and destroy all obstacles...v..v. _ Music in game also make user more exciting. the crash sound is good sound. _ This game just for relaxing.

Last updated 20 May 2015

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