Developer description

Scoledge is the first social workspace in the Cloud for schools. Simple, fast and user-friendly, the application allows both students and teachers to work more efficiently together. This application not only has a wide variety of features which are easy to use (such as a Notebook, Messaging system, Homework assistant, Grade tracker, Online courses, Filesharing, Livechat, Calendar and Attendance management), but it also provides the fun side of social networks having a real-time timeline, to follow the latest news in your school.
Moreover, we have made our application to be scalable to meet the different requirements of each school. Teacher in troubles? Having a lot of stuff to manage? Student without a real tool that fits you? Every feature and functionnality has been thought through to be easy-to-use and fit each use case. Scoledge offers you a complete dashboard to follow the latest activities in your school, to track the evolution and improvements made by your students providing advanced statistics.
Until now, there is no platform or any tool to fullfill students and teachers’s expectations. Our main goal is to change the way you work and interact with each other. We believe that the first key of your success is based on an application allowing you to communicate easily and having cutting-edge features to improve the way you work.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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