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Try our free scrabble word finder tool and find out which words in scrabble get the highest point. Just insert the letters that you have available and the tool will calculate the best possible word for you with the highest number of points.

Some call it cheating other call it help - but with our free scrabble word finder tool you can get inspiration in how to make words that get a high score in points in both Scrabble but also other word games such as Words with friends, hangman and many other word puzzles or word games.

So if you are tired of losing to your friends in either Scrabble or words with friends then the scrabble word finder tool is something worth trying.

Unfortunetly are this app only available at the android market as of for now. We are considering making the app for the apple app store but that is at the moment on hold due to lack of ressources to develop. When we get the time to develop our iphone app will we notify all our users that are interested in this.

Last updated 25 Jul 2014

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