Developer description

A monitoring tool for users of the Scribe Online data and application integration platform

Scribe Works for Dynamics 365 is a monitoring tool for users of the Scribe Online data and application integration platform, an industry-leading cloud-based integration platform that runs natively within Microsoft Azure. With just one click you can enable Scribe Works for Dynamics 365 within your Scribe Online interface, allowing you to easily monitor all of your Scribe Online solutions. At a glance you can see the status or health of each solution. The insight provided by Scribe Works for Dynamics 365 allows you to assess the areas where he your attention is needed across your entire portfolio of integration solutions, including solutions for one-time data migrations, ongoing data replication to databases and data warehouses, and real-time synchronization between Dynamics 365 applications and other applications.

For Dynamics 365 partners offering managed services or delivering packaged integration solutions, Scribe Works gives you a convenient way to manage integrations throughout their lifecycle. Through a single view directly in Dynamics 365, partners can efficiently monitor the health and status of all their customers’ integrations, gain early warning about potential issues, and obtain assistance on issues that arise.

Scribe Online is an easy-to-use cloud-based integration platform as a service, or iPaaS, that accelerates in a variety of integration project, helping you integrate your applications and delivering time-to-market, ease-of-use and cost benefits.

Last updated 12 Jul 2018

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