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Scribie is an audio transcription outsourcing service where you can get your interviews, ... More

Editor's review

Published 13 Sep 2011

The most important thing about the audio tool Scribie is it's near 100% accuracy. When you have to transcribe audio sources like interviews, webinars and podcasts the accuracy of the material is paramount. So you go down one of three routes. You either hire a super secretary experienced in transcriptions, you could do it yourself (believe me, it's not fun) or you could use audio transcription outsourcing service Scribie..

Scribe's excellent service is facilitated by certified and tested freelancers who are notified as soon as new transcripts are required. The price per minute of audio is just US$0.99 and the turnaround is just I working day. Transcriptions are split into small segments to speed up the process before the individual parts are combined and proof read to produce the final product.

The whole process is managed by the system which has developed. The system has multiple levels of checks and balances inbuilt into it so as to guarantee 98 per cent to 100 per cent accuracy for the transcripts. Scribe have also developed the CallGraph Skype Recording tool for Windows which records Skype conversations and is available as a free download.

I don't see why you would bother to transcribe audio EVER unless you absolutely have to. It's very time consuming and you really do need a special skill to handle it (or a very good assistant.) Considering the price and the accuracy and the turnaround I reckon Scribie are onto a winner with this one.

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