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Integrate your IRC feed into a new fully scrollable chat room

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At scrollback we are building 'beautiful text chat for website'. A perfect way to engage the ... More

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Published 27 Oct 2013

The concept of connecting a chat room to your site is an old one and there are many available without the need to look too hard. Most of them are based on the concept of one on one connections or are geared towards private conversations for small groups. Scrollback is a free, open source chat room application that provides a slightly new type of chat experience by allowing users to integrate their IRC channel with a Scrollback room and then embed it on their website. This allows conversations to flow easily between their IRC and their website visitors.
Scrollback is building a beautiful and unobtrusive text chat for any website that is the perfect way to engage users and promote conversation. This lightweight, minimalist and very subtly positioned chat room app looks good and works great and draws all users into the conversation with a unique minimized ticker. Scrollback hosts rooms which you can embed into any webpage and helps to bring together a long-lived, interactive community that’s stickier and more engaging than any forum system. It’s easy to embed Scrollback rooms by simply pasting a piece of code into your page. If you have an IRC channel just tell them to link it to your Scrollback room and you can bring everyone into the same conversation. If your room doesn’t exist - it will be created automatically. It offers infinite scrolling where you can scroll up to see what people were talking about in the last hour or the...