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Integrate your IRC feed into a new fully scrollable chat room

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Published 27 Oct 2013

[cont'd] last week, if it comes to that. Gently introduce casual visitors to your community via the minimizable chat box meaning that conversation is only ever a fingertip away. Notifications and timestamps appear when needed but then fade away beautifully to keep the focus always on the conversation at hand. You can quickly identify who is talking to whom using colors that represent people consistently and see the peaks and troughs of any conversation using the color-coded visualizations that you can easily scroll through. Hover over a nickname to see that person's activity highlighted on the timeline. It even automatically matches the fonts and styles of your website or lets you customize it extensively using CSS.
Scrollback was created by a team of developers that had grown tired of the usual IRC based chat room technology. They came to the conclusion that open communities like consumer brands, sporting teams and entertainment franchises need a slightly different set of tools these days to engage their community. Scrollback provides a different kind of chat room that not only looks good and works great but also seamlessly integrates your IRC feed and allows your community to speak using a smart and unobtrusive chat box that sits neatly at the bottom of your website. It is also completely free and will remain so for all websites who start using on their website by 31st January 2014.