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Keep up with your team's HipChat and Slack progress wherever they are

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Scrumbot is your agile assistant for Slack and HipChat. Let Scrumbot gather data from your team ... More

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Published 21 Jul 2015

For quite a few years now, businesses have been using HipChat as a communication method so that their teams can keep in touch with each other wherever they are in the world. It's basically a web service for internal private chat and instant messaging but also features cloud based file storage, video calling, searchable message history and inline image viewing. Of late, there have been several other services that have jumped on board with similar models. The most popular of these newbies has been Slack. Both services are great at keeping teams connected whether they be in Kathmandu, Chicago or Sydney and can be accessed through Mac, Windows and Linux as well as via Android and iOS through smartphones and tablets. However, as efficient as they are, they can hold a vast amount of data that can take quite a while to summarize and ingest. That's where an app like Scrumbot comes in very handy. It's a clever little app that plugs right into both HipChat and Slack and gathers all your team's data at the end of the day and summarizes it into a palatable form - ready for the next day's business.

Scrumbot calls itself 'your agile assistant for Slack and HipChat.' Simply plug the app into either Slack or HipChat and you have yourself an agile assistant that will reach out to your development team at the end of every day and get all the details on what they've been doing. It...