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Keep up with your team's HipChat and Slack progress wherever they are

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Published 21 Jul 2015

[cont'd] gathers all the daily data from your team and summarizes it for you before the next day's 'scrum' begins. It will tell you what happened the previous day, what’s in progress and whether there are anything blocking progress. With more and more development teams spread around the country - not to mention the rest of the world - this is particularly useful. Here's how it works. Near the end of the work-day, Scrumbot will ping your team on their specific team channel and ask them what they have been working on today. Each team member then reports back with what they have finished, what they are working on now and whether they have any blockers. They can even tag specific tickets by pre-pending it with a hashtag and it will be linked directly. At the beginning of the next day you can simply ask for the report and you will get a nicely formatted break down of all the things that your team are up to. What's more, if there are any blockers, they will feature right at the top of the report so they can be dealt with immediately. Scrumbot handles all the tricky parts about having remote team members. It automatically sorts out who is in which timezone and collates all their updates for you before summarizing them before the 'scrum' starts the next morning. If nothing else, think of the time and money saved by not having to swap emails and phone calls...