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Keep up with your team's HipChat and Slack progress wherever they are

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Published 21 Jul 2015

[cont'd] in order to keep abreast of everything that's going on with your team around the world.

One of the hardest things for new startups to get their heads around is to keep up with how your team is progressing - especially if either you or they aren't actually in the office. What's even worse is that the bigger you get, the harder it becomes. Scrumbot delivers an asynchronous standup whenever you want it. This can be while you are sitting at the airport, stuck in traffic or, probably more importantly, if you are waiting to complete your next big deal and need up-to-date information there and then. At the moment, Scrumbot is limited to supporting the two biggest and most successful of the services - HipChat and Slack - but plans are underway to extend that support to Flowdock, Chime, and plenty of others. If you are sick of spending hours assimilating and gathering information from your team you too can have an 'agile assistant' that does the work for you. Try it for free now.