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Developer description

The goal behind is to give the users the tools they need to prepare for their Scrum Master certification exam. The Scrum Master certification exam consists of 80 questions and the time limit is 60 minutes. To pass you need a score of at least 85% correct answers.

To achieve this has created a course platform filled with features such as:

- Hundreds of practice questions that you practice using our customizable exam mode
- Practice exam mode that let's you test your skills just like the real exam. This helps you determine when you are ready to take the real exam and get your certification.
- Detailed statistics that let's you track your progress and see what areas you need to focus on next
- Ask-a-Scrum-Master that let's you ask questions to one of our certified Scrum Masters. Perfect if you want real world examples.

All of this is available through a user friendly interface that works on your phone, your pad or your laptop. This makes practicing for the Scrum Master exam a breeze.

Getting certified within Scrum is not only for beginners in the field. Professionals who are already practicing Scrum have a lot to learn from this course as well since it starts from the absolute foundations of the Scrum and agile way of thinking. A perfect way to freshen up your skills and maximize the performance of your team.

Reviewers will be able to try our course for free using our promo code.

Last updated 12 Feb 2019