Developer description

5 minutes + 3 boxes = 1 status report

Free web-based Status Report and SCRUM management tool.

scrumitUP is a free, web-based app development tool for managers that need to create, submit and track each teams’ status reports. It’s easy to use and an ideal solution for teams spread across multiple locations.

The problem: Any manager at any company at any given time is managing a project – it could be the CEO, or it could be the QA manager. Regardless of the title, this person is tasked with the challenge of managing multiple email updates on the status of projects, and reports from each individual on the status of the project. Sometimes these updates are given in-person, but oftentimes they are provided via email which forces the manager to keep track of all the emails received with no easy way to sort them by type, submitter, problem, etc. Currently, there is no great solution for managing all of these individual status reports. And it’s even more complicated when teams are spread across multiple locations. Enter scrumitUP.
The scrumitUP solution: scrumitUP launched a web-based app for managers that need a quick and efficient way to create and maintain status reports. scrumitUP is simple and easy-to-use at any level – no learning curve or tech background required. You simply login, create a team, add team members and have them start posting status reports daily (or any scheduled days that you like). You can manage updates from any location, print reports, create tags and get daily email summaries – and best of all, it’s free.

5 minutes + 3 boxes = 1 status report

Last updated 21 May 2012