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Developer description

Welcome to the new world of adventures for your android - Sea Vessel: Triumph Cruise! Here is one of the most splendor ships from the fleet, all ready to start an epic cruise! But… there is something missing… You! The future captain of the vessel! Sit more comfortably and get yourself ready to look through your coming cruise plan!
This adventure is not only about simply exploring and sailing on the beautiful Caribbean Sea. There is something more challenging in this cruise. Your boat is going to face a lot of difficulties, such as mountainous waves of the sea, dangerous trails which may destroy the vessel and a lot more other risks. It is time for You, the captain of this ship, to show your powers and skills in controlling the whole crew and saving your ship from being destroyed. The rule is simple – do your best not to crash into the rocks or other obstacles and continue cruising as much as possible. The more distance you sail and the more obstacles you overcome, the more you will earn points. The best thing about the game is, that there is no limit to how much points you can get! So you can enjoy establishing a new record and making your triumph more splendid every single day!

Last updated 23 May 2014