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A social wagering app for those backyard or workplace boasts

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How many times have you struck an offhanded bet with a friend or coworker, only to have them ... More

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Published 19 Jul 2012

Seal It Free is a fun entertainment application for those times when you have a social bet with your friends and you want to ensure that they don't conveniently forget about the wager later on after they have lost. It's an iOS application to record those friendly and offhanded bets that you make with the nextdoor neighbor or workmate. It's a very good way of announcing to the world that "I told you so."  And in a nice touch, Seal It Free has a very nice retro design that has the same look and feel as an old school bookie's notepad.
How many times have you struck an offhanded bet with a friend or coworker only to have them seemingly forget that they ever made it? Im sure we all have at some point in our lives. Seal It Free is a free iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app that quickly locks in friendly wagers between friends. You can create unique betting terms, strike a solo deal or do a bit of wagering with a group of friends.      Treat it like a real game by trash talking about an ongoing bet and make it a spectator sport. Seal It Free digitizes something we do every day. That is, to predict events around us and challenge one another. Who will win the game? Which film will win the Academy Award? Who will get caught photocopying their butt first? We are not necessarily talking about money bets either as some of the consequences of the bet can make it a lot of fun: If my team doesn’t beat yours this season im going to run naked down Main Street. When someone gets proven right, they “win” the Deal. You can get creative with your bets - they can be public or private - then curate your own hall of fame and post your wins across your favorite social media site.
Seal It Free goes back to those backyard bets that we all throw together over a few beers where you need something to back up your rhetoric about your favorite team, politics or the Hollywood royalty. Whether it is sports wagering, pop culture wagering or just simple deal making, Seal It Free is a simple social bet application that provides a fun way of solving a bit of bravado. You don't want or need to rush down to the local bookies to back up your seemingly outrageous boast. Just say "I told you so" afterwards by logging your wagers with Seal It Free. You need more than one friend to start making wagers with Seal It Free, so get together with a friend or two to download the app. Now, who says Newt Gingrich won't be in the White House this time next year? I don’t think i’ll be telling anyone so on that one though.

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