Developer description

Seal The Box is a game dedicated for increasing the basic mental capability of calculating simple mathematical problems related to additions and subtractions. This game will act like mind gym in which you can do math workout which will train your brain to a new level.

GamePlay Concept: The game is played using a number pad, which is used to solve mathematical problems which appear on boxes moving on a treadmill, when correct answer of the problems are typed the boxes gets sealed. Every wave gets difficult and features like powerups are provided to improve gameplay.

Social(Facebook) Features include Challenges and Gifts, players can challenge their friends to beat their score and win prizes, and players can send/request gifts to/from their friends to enhance gameplay. Gifts includes Continues, Lives, Auto Solves & Slo10. Players can also share their scores, highscores and challenge wins.

Last updated 30 May 2015

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