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Searcheeze is an application for collaborative content curation. Thanks to Searcheeze you can ... More

Editor's review

Published 30 Oct 2011

This one looks promising and will certainly help anyone researching a subject on the internet. Say goodbye to the days of copy and paste and get everything organized under topic headings and set out in a great looking magazine format.

It’s a simple app to set up and all you have to do is enter a user name and password and copy the Searcheeze bookmarklet to your favourites. When you are browsing a website and want to save some content just launch the application from your favourites and a box appears to the right of the screen. Then it’s just a case of dragging and dropping text and pictures plus audio and video clips straight into it.

When you go back into your account you’ll see all of the content laid out in neat paragraphs under the heading that you’ve chosen for the topic giving it a magazine or blog type effect.  

The saved information can be used just as a handy research store for any project or article you’re working on or because of the look of it you can share it around on the usual social networks as an online magazine or blog.  

The system allows you to add custom text so you can personalize it, and the details of all the websites where the information came from is properly recognized automatically and shown so you shouldn’t infringe any copyright laws.

For people collaborating on a project there is also a group option available making it easy to pool resources no matter how spread across the world the team might be. Copy, curate and share at its simplest.

If you want to make internet research easier or publish a magazine style blog about subjects you’re passionate about this application will certainly get the information you want in the place you want it very quickly and in a great looking format.

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