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We’re developing Searchgonzo, a product discovery engine, helping online shoppers to search, ... More

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Published 20 May 2012

Searchgonzo is a surprisingly sophisticated free product discovery and shopping comparison application that provides a search tool to find some excellent fashion, travel, sporting or home based products online. What's more, goods on offer are thankfully not provided  by advertisers, paid for with spam attached or even cookie based to get something out of you. Searchgonzo is a very clean and intuitive service with a constant stream of quality products in its database making this online shopping experience a positive one. Searchgonzo is a product discovery engine developed to help online shoppers search, find and explore their favorite products from fashion, travel, sports or home. Here is a product search browser where you can find millions of great new products from web shops, boutiques and worldwide brands.   It is a dead simple and user-centric shopping app that doesn't employ paid search results, advertising banners or spam or be festooned with huge “BUY NOW”  buttons all over the page. There's not even any snooping on user data and Searchgonzo doesn't require time consuming log-ins. Instead, it’s all about being intuitive, relevant and visually graspable and the search-activity-feed is intended to help users get new inspirations by seeing other users’ search queries in real-time. Searchgonzo's aim is to be part of the current shift from search to (vertical) discovery and social shopping. Searchgonzo is not an online store and it does not sell any products. It is an independent, free-to-use website that makes your search for...