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Published 20 May 2012

[cont'd] product easy across different online stores by typing the product you are looking for into the search field and viewing the matching results that will show up.You can sort results by price and by countries where the stores are located, or refine the query by using multiple search terms. You can also just click on a search term from the live ticker and get inspired by real time queries done by other people. Just click the Go to Shop button and the store that sells this product will open in a new window. You can then purchase your product directly from this store. Online shopping is moving at a remarkably fast rate these days. Only trouble is, your online shopping experience is usually accompanied by a few conditions. Either by providing a bunch of products provided through paid results or accompanied by banners or containing spam or cookies to extract your shopping habits. Searchgonzo comes with none of these conditions. It just provides quality products based on an intuitive search engine and an algorithmic heart. It looks wonderful - rather like an upmarket store - and the goods on offer are always interesting. This free shopping tool could be your window into the wonderful world of online shopping.