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SEAT77 brings the entire sports world together in a single sports feed. The SEAT77 app streams ... More

Editor's review

Published 23 Oct 2015

Ahh yes...sports fans! Are there any crazier and more passionate individuals than the folks who follow sport. I think it was Ted Turner who once said that sport was like a war but without the killing and he wasn't far wrong there. A friend of mine in England once told me that, no matter where you are in the world, if you can hold an informed conversation about sport with someone you've only just met, you'll have a friend for life. Fans will scour the Internet to find any information they can about their favorite sporting team but it's pretty much scattered all over the place. What's really needed is a single source where the passionate sports fan can get ALL the information they need. And that is where this social sporting app for iOS and Android comes in.

SEAT77 is a smartphone app that caters to the passionate sport fan and manages to bring the whole sporting world together in one single feed. It is an easy to use app that streams video and photo posts from all over the world. It gathers together all the relevant posts from all the major sports via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more and delivers them to your mobile in one single stream. SEAT77 covers all the major leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, PGA, NASCAR, FIFA and a huge amount more.

This is particularly useful for the sporting fan who plays one of the many fantasy sports competitions these days. There's a lot of money floating around in fantasy sports and, realistically, the only way you're going to get your hands on it is by keeping up with who's in form and who's not. Every bit of information comes in handy. Is Tom Brady injured? Is Ronaldo sitting out this week's game? Is the track wet at Belmont? You'll be able to find out all the up to the date information in one stream from the app's 'super stream' feature. It could be the difference between winning and losing.

While SEAT77 offers all sports in one stream, it also categorizes posts by their individual sports and even offers what they call a 'fan stream.' This is a world-first feature that pulls individual fan posts from all around the globe. Imagine you’re at the game or in a sports bar discussing what just happened on the field. Or maybe you're just sitting at home watching on tv with your buddies. Just use #SEAT77 in your posts and watch as it shows up in the stream.

Don't ask me where the SEAT77 name comes from. I've been researching it all day and I can't find any mention of it on the net. I can only assume that it means something to the developers. It's quite catchy though, isn't it? The app itself is simple to use and easy to navigate and covers pretty much any sport that you are interested in. It draws content from everywhere around the world via various social networks as well as YouTube and delivers them for free to your Android, iPhone or iPad in a single stream to make your sports watching a breeze. Now you don't have to go searching to find out if Brady is fit or if Cristiano is in the Real Madrid team - SEAT77 will do it for you.

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