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Seconds connects businesses with all those smart phone enabled consumers who text as much or ... More

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Published 10 Jan 2012

With money a little tight these days it's probably time that some businesses started to think outside the box to encourage new customers or to energize the one's you have already. Seconds is an ecommerce app for your mobile that is based in the cloud and makes life easier for your customers by providing another way of placing orders and keeping in touch with you apart from the normal face-to-face encounters. Seconds is ideal for food orders enabling customers to give you their lunch order without having to call you direct.
Seconds gives customers a better way to talk to your organization by opening up a new world of possibilities and connecting businesses with all those smart phone enabled consumers who text as much or more than they talk. Once connected businesses are immediately able to capture, track, and engage everyone who establishes contact via their mobile device. It lets you send or exchange messages, easily take and fulfill orders, handle payments and stay connected so they will keep coming back!  Open a new world of possibilities with mobile payments. The Seconds feature set is rich and gives businesses easy to use tools that will coordinate all their communication and promotional technologies. It enables the user to track web pages, mobile devices, text messaging, traditional talky phones, coupons, QSR, SEO, SEM and social media campaigns and coordinate them in a manner that maximizes each business's unique customer acquisition and customer retention efforts and initiatives. Even...