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Developer description

Feel confident sending sensitive photos, messages or documents? SECRET DELIVERY is perfect to make your SMS, MMS, iMessage and File Attachments secure. Finally, the easiest app to protect your private information! Not only private messaging but ALSO secret FILE sharing through SMS, MMS, iMessage, Email and Social Networks. Do you realize that if someone gets access to your phone, they could see every message and file that you've sent? Don’t let your private life become public!
Download Secret Delivery App if you want to send private files and messages encrypted with passwords that no one can break (not even your parents!) 100% SECURE Secret Delivery uses AES Encryption, a standard encryption algorithm, commonly used by governments and businesses.
Compose Your Private Message or Choose a File Tap “Encrypt” Enter a Password Send
YOU CAN NOW ENCRYPT FILES OUTSIDE OF THE APP: Email attachments, photo gallery etc.
SECURE TO RECEIVE Recipient Must have Secret Delivery App and a Password They Get Your Private Message/File Tap “Decrypt” They Have Exclusive Access to View, Save or Send
WHAT'S NEW? You can now preview your encrypted files You can encrypt/decrypt files outside of the app Enjoy New Intuitive Interface Rename Your Encrypted Files
SEND A SECRET DELIVERY TODAY Don’t just hide files on your phone. Quickly password lock and send your messages, photos, videos and other files.
NO ADDITIONAL FEES UNLIMITED MESSAGES AND FILE ATTACHMENTS Reminder: Recipients must have the application to decrypt any messages/files encrypted with Secret Delivery.

Last updated 22 Mar 2015