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Published 30 Mar 2017

If you are looking to use the Internet to help form a meaningful relationship, there's a million ways you can do it on the net! Most relationship sites offer pretty much the same kind of thing with only a few breaking the boundaries to offer something a little different. There's no denying their worth though. According to a recent survey, relationships formed online are second only to meeting through mutual friends as the most common way for couples to get together these days. There was a story from the US a couple of years back that suggested that close to 30% of recent marriages there had their formative moments online. That's quite a staggering figure.

So let's assume that you've found yourself a potential partner or two - whether online or 'in the flesh' so to speak. How can you take it one step further and see if the two of you are truly compatible? Self-Match is a new relationship app that uses a unique and very comprehensive partner matching method to help individuals find their perfect partner. Their method is to use what they call a 'double-blind' survey to explore compatibility between potential partners while ensuring that both parties have total control over their compatibility exploration. The way they do this is quite simple. One partner chooses questions that are important and relevant to them from the Question Bank and answers them. They then send the very same blank survey to their potential partner via...