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Published 30 Mar 2017

[cont'd] the Survey Submission form to the partner's email address.

When the partner completes the survey, both partners can view the Compatibility Report and see the percentage of matching responses. Users can evaluate the partner's responses as positive or negative and assign an importance value on their answers from 1 to 10. The app keeps track of the total number of positives and negatives as well as the importance valuation to produce a TrueMatch Score for each partner. In order to get the best out of Self-Match it's recommended that both sides answer surveys honestly and thoughtfully.

Let's get one thing straight. Self-Match is not a dating site. Apart from anything else, they have no database of members. They prefer to call themselves a partner compatibility application. Many dating sites virtually throw partners at each other based on flimsy details and similar interests, Self-Match tries to get to the heart of a partner's needs and desires by testing their true compatibility. This is particularly useful for busy online daters who don't want to wade through a whole bunch of maybes to get to the love of their life. Each member has a personalized dashboard with their photo and basic profile information as well as any gained information about their potential partners. Every time a new partner responds to a survey, his or her profile is added to the member's dashboard which also has links to each partner's Compatibility Reports and TrueMatch...