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Developer description

Selfie Effects is a Photo editor Android app, which serves to modify a photo within your desires. Many of the features that can make beautiful appearance of your photo, such as filters beauty effect, contrast photo, enhance, stickers, frames, blur focus effect and more. in addition to advanced features and complete, this application also has a menu that is easy to use, including for beginners. so that makes you comfortable to use this photo editor, and create the appearance of your photos like a model photography professional.
Full Power Features: ★ Crop ★ Focus Point ★ Orientation Rotation image ★ Brightess of color images ★Contrast to adjust the lighting in the picture ★ Saturation gives a unique effect ★ Splash ★ Draw ★ Enhance ★ Effects ★ Frames ★ Stickers ★ Text etc. In this application there are also features share pictures after editing to : Facebook, Messenger, BBM, Bluetooth, etc. Enjoy your photo editing

Last updated 24 Feb 2015

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