Developer description

SelfieFlip allows you to effortlessly take PRO-Quality self-portaits taking advantage of BOTH cameras. Front camera is used to compose the shot - you get to see yourself before the shot. Much better (!) back camera is used to take the picture. All you need to do is just flip your phone!
***Pro-Quality Front cam selfies are just about 1 mega-pixel weak, often visibly low quality. This app will allow you to shoot 8 mega-pixel selfies¹ without sacrificing ability to preview the shot. No timers, no buttons - easy! :) ¹depending on your device
***How easy? - aim and compose the scene using front camera - flip 180° and hold steady for a few moments - flip back after you feel the buzz (or hear the shutter sound) It can't be simpler then this. There are no buttons to tap, no timers to setup. You will find it very easy and intuitive to use after just a few practice flips. Tip: be smooth in your flip, not too fast not too slow.
**What is happening behind the scenes? Our carefully tuned app switches the camera, finds your face, makes sure it is in focus, well lit and then takes the shot. This allows for surprisingly consistent high-quality Selfies, even in low-light scenarios. It does take a second or two, depending on your device, so please be patient.
***Do you share your selfies with hundreds, thousands or millions of people? This app is for you - share visually superior images!
**Not into sharing selfies? Even if you are not into selfies, we recommend snapping few shots of yourself when you are alone. Some of our users reported liking themselves more after using this app. Life is generally better when you like yourself. This app gives you amazing self-confidence boost, and it's fun and easy to use :) Enjoy your Pro-Quality Selfies, and don't forget to share :)

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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